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FISHERIES/AQUACULTURE--Longer Season for Smallmouth Bass Anglers
For the first time ever smallmouth bass anglers in Nova Scotia
will be able to fish in selected lakes until the end of the year.

The bass season officially ends in Nova Scotia on Friday, Oct.
31. However, until Dec. 31, anglers can fish in Killams Lake in
Yarmouth County, Black River and Little River lakes in Kings
County, and Panuke Lake in Halifax and Hants counties. All bass
caught under the extension will have to be released.

The season extension is a pilot project of the Inland Fisheries
Division of the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture. 

"Smallmouth bass spawn in the spring. We're listening to those
anglers who make a good argument to continue fishing through the
fall," said Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Jim Barkhouse.
"This extension gives anglers who enjoy the thrill of catching a
smallmouth even more time on the water."

Michael Robinson, spokesman for the Canadian Association of
Smallmouth Anglers, said a longer season means anglers who have
invested thousands of dollars in a boat, rods and tackle can
catch some great fish.
"Last November, the weather was great and we had to sit on the
shore," said Mr. Robinson. "This year, anglers will get the
opportunity to fish."

To ensure conservation measures are adequate, the project will be
assessed when the season concludes.   


Contact: Steve Warburton
         Fisheries and Aquaculture

ngr                 Oct. 29, 1997                 3:50 p.m.