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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/TOURISM--Sysco Cleanup Project Expanded
An initiative to clean up Sysco property will be expanded with
help from the provincial government. Additional laid-off
steelworkers will be hired to continue demolishing abandoned
buildings and structures on Sysco property.  

At a news conference today in Sydney, Manning MacDonald, Minister
of Economic Development and Tourism, announced additional support
of $995,200 for the environmental remediation project.

"Today's announcement is more proof that we're willing to make
the investments needed to put people back to work," said Mr.
MacDonald. "At the same time, we're working in partnership to
remove hazards and improve the appearance of the Sysco facility."

Federal funding for the project has not yet been approved, but
Mr. MacDonald is optimistic. "We've worked in close co-operation
on the first phase of this project. I'm confident the federal
government will commit the necessary funds for expanded cleanup

The first phase of the project began in July 1997. At that time,
governments committed $2.1 million toward the project. Fifty
displaced steelworkers were hired to decommission former blast
furnaces and recover scrap steel.

Work outlined in Phase 2 would require about 50 more workers over
two years. Spinoff jobs will be created through the contracting
of equipment and operators over the life of the project. All new
employees will receive detailed instruction and training in
demolition, the proper handling of hazardous materials and other
related skills.

PLI Environment Ltd. is administering the project in partnership
with the United Steelworkers of America Local 1064.

"We'll continue to demolish abandoned sites that are a hazard and
an eyesore," said project manager Jim Inch. "In addition to
removing buildings, our plan is to get rid of wharves that will
make the harbour more visually pleasing."


Contract: Angela Poirier
          Economic Development and Tourism

ngr                Oct. 31, 1997               2:10 p.m.