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HUMAN RESOURCES--Provincial Training Open to Municipal Employees
The provincial government has opened its employee-training
programs to municipal employees across the province through a
memorandum of understanding between the two levels of government.

"Employees in the public sector face many challenges each day in
delivering services to the public," said Human Resources Minister
Allister Surette. "They need to be skilful administrators,
knowledgeable about information technology, and understand the
needs of people in their community.

"The Department of Human Resources has experience and expertise
in developing courses to meet the needs of public sector
employees, and we are pleased to share that with municipal
employees through this initiative."

The Department of Human Resources offers training and development
programs for provincial government employees in regional centres
across the province, as well as in metro Halifax. Programs range
from computer training to managing organizational change to
retirement planning.

Earlier this year, the department expanded course delivery in the
regions by offering its Management Development Program in Sydney,
the first time the revamped program had been offered outside the
Halifax area.

Guy Brown, Minister of Housing and Municipal Affairs, called the
initiative a good example of the province's ability to support
municipalities and their staff.

"We are very pleased to have reached this understanding with
municipalities, to help them provide first-class training to
their employees," said Mr. Brown.

The president of the Association of Municipal Administrators,
Alan Bond of the Municipality of Antigonish, thanked the province
for opening its training programs. "This gives municipal
employees access to skill-building programs right in their
regions, saving the cost of travel, accommodations and extended
time away from the office." 

The memorandum of understanding will be signed this evening, Nov.
4, at the opening ceremonies of the annual meeting of the
Association of Municipal Administrators, which is taking place in
Halifax until Friday, Nov. 7.

The Department of Human Resources was created in 1993 to develop
the human resources of government. Over the past year, 2,500
civil servants participated in training courses offered through
the department ranging from computer skills to occupational
health and safety practices to retirement planning.

The Association of Municipal Administrators is committed to
improving the quality of local government administration in Nova
Scotia through education programs and idea-sharing forums. It
also acts as a resource for municipally elected officials. 


Contact: Norma MacIsaac
         Department of Human Resources
         Cell: 902-471-8098

         Janice Wentzell
         Association of Municipal Administrators

ngr                 Nov. 4, 1997                4:25 p.m.