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TRANSPORTATION/PUBLIC WORKS--Roads Will be Salted, Minister Says
Department of Transportation and Public Works salt sheds have
ample capacity and Nova Scotia truckers continue hauling salt to
ensure provincial roads will be safely serviced when winter hits,
Transportation and Public Works Minister Don Downe said today.

"The public can be confident that when winter storms arrive, our
crews will be properly equipped to make sure Nova Scotia's roads
are well maintained, one way or the other," said Mr. Downe. "It's
my responsibility to ensure the safety of the travelling public,
and I intend to get the job done."

Members of the Trucking Association of Nova Scotia, or TANS, are
scheduled for their regular monthly meeting with department
officials on Wednesday, Nov. 5. 

"Since becoming minister, I have worked toward a co-operative
relationship with TANS," said Mr. Downe. "We have listened to
many of their concerns and been able to solve them in a positive

"But it's disturbing to read in the media the president of that
organization tossing around the lives of Nova Scotia travellers
like poker chips. That's not the way this minister will do

Mr. Downe said the government has worked hard to create an
environment for the trucking industry to thrive in Nova Scotia.


Contact: Don Downe
         Minister of Transportation and Public Works
         Chris Welner
         Director, Public Affairs and Communications
         Transportation and Public Works
         Cell: 902-499-0032

ngr             Nov. 4, 1997                 4:45 p.m.