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N.S. SPORT/RECREATION--Ringette Week, Nov. 7-16
The president of Ringette Nova Scotia, Don Murphy, kicks off
Interprovincial Goodwill Ringette Tournament with a formal
proclamation signed by the Minister responsible for Sport and
Recreation, Bruce Holland, declaring Nov. 7-16 as Ringette Week
in Nova Scotia.  

The Interprovincial Goodwill Tournament for Junior, Belle and
Deb/Intermediate divisions will be held at Shannon Arena,
Dartmouth, starting Nov. 7, and during Ringette Week everyone is
welcome to come and enjoy the excitement of one of the fastest
team sports on ice.

More than 1,100 Nova Scotians participate in the on-ice version
of ringette, while countless others play the gym ringette version
in schools or community recreation programs. The sport is played
both competitively and recreationally by more than 60,000 players
in every province and territory in Canada.

Speed, strength, stamina, timing, balance and precision are all
part of the Canadian-made, world-renowned sport of ringette.
Developed 24 years ago by the late Sam Jacks in North Bay, Ont.,
ringette was brought to Nova Scotia in 1973 by Herm Wills where
it has become increasingly popular.

Over the years, Nova Scotia has hosted 18 national championships,
four world championships, two Canada Winter Games and countless
provincial ringette championships. 


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