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TRANSPORTATION/PUBLIC WORKS--Highway 103 Open House a Success
The Department of Transportation and Public Works will analyse
more than 100 questionnaires completed by the public following an
open house this week at Lakeside regarding the Highway 103
twinning project.

The department displayed proposed alignment adjustments for the
twinning of the highway from Beechville to Upper Tantallon in
Halifax County. Concern had been expressed by area residents
following announcement of the project in April. The open house
was a great success, with about 200 people attending and viewing
the plans.

"The response from people was very positive," said Ralph Spares,
director of infrastructure management. "The department wishes to
thank all those in attendance who expressed their interest on the
new proposed additional lanes. Over the next week, we will be
analysing all comments received from the questionnaire, but
preliminary results would indicate the new alignment will be
approved as presented."
Twinning of Highway 103 is a five-year $22-million project that
will provide commuters with a safer, more reliable and less
congested trip on the 18 kilometres of road. It will have a
direct, positive impact on the community and the region,
generating both construction-related and spinoff employment.


Contact: Bob Mann
         Public Affairs and Communications
         Transportation and Public Works

         Ralph Spares
         Director, Infrastructure Management
         Transportation and Public Works

ngr                 Nov. 6, 1997                 3:45 p.m.