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EDUCATION/CULTURE--Private Training Industry Holds Conference
The Association of Private Trainers and Career Colleges of Nova
Scotia will host its second annual conference, Building
Partnerships Together, Nov. 13-14 at the Citadel Halifax Hotel.

"We want to invite all private trainers and career colleges to
join us in building a stronger private training industry," said
Donnie Snow, vice-president of McKenzie College and president of
the association. "This conference will give us an opportunity to
discuss and take action on issues of importance to all of us."

Education and Culture Minister Robbie Harrison will be the guest
speaker at the opening dinner. The Department of Education and
Culture and the association are working together to address
issues of common concern in Nova Scotia. As part of the
department's response to the auditor general's report, the
department and the private training industry will work together
to update the Trade Schools Regulation Act to ensure that the
needs of industry are identified. This partnership with the
association will promote a world-class private training industry
in Nova Scotia.

The Department of Education and Culture acknowledges the
importance of working with industry partners to build a stronger
and more viable training industry in Nova Scotia.


Contact: Catherine MacIsaac
         Education and Culture

ngr               Nov. 7, 1997               9:45 a.m.