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BUSINESS/CONSUMER AFFAIRS--Swedes to Study N.S. Licensing
Nova Scotia's graduated drivers' licensing program is attracting
interest from Europe. A delegation from the Swedish National Road
Administration will be meeting today, Nov. 10, with staff from
the Department of Business and Consumer Services to study Nova
Scotia's experience with the licensing program.

The Swedish agency is interested in Nova Scotia's program because
it is recognized as one of the best in the world. Under graduated
licensing, a new driver must go through two different stages of
licensing over a minimum of two years, each with its own
restrictions, before "graduating" to the third stage as a fully
licensed driver. The intention of the program is to reduce
accidents and save lives by gradually building up a new driver's
experience and confidence.

The Swedish delegation will be meeting with officials from the
Registry of Motor Vehicles while in Nova Scotia. They will also
be visiting Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec, other provinces
with a graduated drivers' licensing program.


Contact: David MacNeil
         Business and Consumer Services

NOTE TO EDITORS: An interview with members of the Swedish
delegation may be arranged by contacting David MacNeil at the
above number.

ngr                 Nov. 10, 1997                11:35 a.m.