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Representatives of three regional development authorities (RDAs)
and 14 businesses from the Guysborough, Strait-Highlands and Cape
Breton County regions are heading off on a three-day trade
mission to Boston.

Co-ordinated by Economic Development and Tourism, the group is
looking for marketing and partnership opportunities in the Boston
area and exports into the New England market.

A wide range of companies will be represented, from aquaculture
specialists to software producers. 

Eileen Lannon-Oldford of Cape Breton County Regional Development
Agency (CBRDA) has high hopes for the mission, and says the
companies going are well-prepared.

"They're all exporting already, or export-ready, and they want to
do business with Boston and its outlying markets. It will be
business that's beneficial to the companies and to Cape Breton in
general," she said.

Nova Scotia has always had trading links with the New England
market. It's still the most important of all regions in the
United States for Nova Scotia's exporters, with a huge,
concentrated population base and easy access. 

The province's exports to New England grew 17.49 per cent between
1992 and 1996, reaching more than $6.5 billion. This is the major
segment of our total exports to the U.S., which reached $21
billion last year.

Our biggest export to the U.S. is tires for cars and trucks,
followed by newsprint, lobsters and seafood, railcars and lumber

Lisa Dobson, of the Strait-Highlands Regional Development
Authority, says the Boston mission will benefit local companies
in two ways.

"Our companies will get to see first-hand how the office in
Boston can help develop leads and minimize the risks for them.
It's also a unique opportunity for our companies to actually sit
down and try to close a deal, rather than just look for

Ms. Dobson says there's a close partnership between the RDAs and
the Boston office of Economic Development and Tourism. The Boston
office has arranged meetings with potential clients, matching
them to participating Nova Scotia businesses using company
profiles provided by the RDAs.

The mission is an important step for Guysborough County. Sean
Maloney, Guysborough County RDA representative, says it could
help strengthen the local economy through increased trade in the
lucrative New England market.

"Guysborough County is resources-rich and we have the proven
ability to add value and create great products," he said.  
Mr. Maloney says this is the kind of aggressive, proactive
initiative needed to give the region an opportunity for increased

"It's a great example of local businesses, the (Guysborough
County) RDA and Economic Development and Tourism teaming up to
say Guysborough County is open for business!"      

The group leaves today and returns Nov. 21.

Contact: Steve Fairbairn
         Economic Development and Tourism

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