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FISHERIES/AQUACULTURE--Pet Treat Firm Creates New Jobs
The makers of Superdog Woof Wafer expect to hire eight more
full-time staff to keep up with demand for their popular dog

Speaking at the opening of Atlantic By-Catch Industries Ltd.'s
new plant in Sambro today, Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Jim
Barkhouse commended the company for its ingenuity and

"When the groundfishery hit bottom, we needed new ideas and new
products from non-traditional species, and Atlantic By-Catch has
delivered," Mr. Barkhouse said.

"This means new jobs in the community, and the company is
supporting fishermen on the water."

The Superdog Woof Wafer is made from dogfish meat and  cartilage
and is about the size of a strip of bacon. Dogfish has
traditionally been a bycatch of the groundfishery.
The business moved into its new 280-square-metre
(3,000-square-foot) manufacturing plant after operating out of
the home of co-owner Tom Reyno for four years.

Mr. Reyno took a chance and quit his full-time job to start the

"This has been like making a cake from scratch," Mr. Reyno said.
"We've taken this idea, turned it into a business and now it will
stand on its own."

The company had sales of $50,000 last year. Its product is in
about 1,000 pet stores across Canada.

Mr. Reyno expects sales to exceed $500,000 next year, due in part
to the introduction of a similar treat for cats, which the
company will start shipping in January.

Mr. Reyno said the treats capitalize on the healthy lifestyle
trend sweeping North America that people have  extended to their


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