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Following are highlights of the Speech From the Throne read
today, Nov. 20, 1997, by Lt.-Gov. James Kinley at the opening of
the sixth session of the 56th General Assembly of the Province of
Nova Scotia. The complete text will follow.

Priorities of the Government
- A strong economy that advances all regions of Nova Scotia.
- An enhanced emphasis on health to strengthen provincial systems
of care and build a more secure society.
- A vigorous focus on jobs and education, which are vitally
linked and key to the future.

A Strong Economy
- Capital investment in Nova Scotia to grow by 18 per cent this
year, well ahead of the national average and most G7 countries.
- Negotiations currently under way with 20 to 30 new companies
seeking to locate in Nova Scotia, including in non-urban centres;
announcement soon on new call centres.
- A commitment to build a Nova Scotia training advantage,
partnering with the private sector and educational institutions,
to ensure training matches workers to jobs. 

Sable Gas
- Industry leaders investing $3 billion private-sector dollars in
an underwater "highway" and overland connectors to bring the
wealth ashore.
- Government to announce targeted funding and programs to train
Nova Scotians for the natural gas industry.

- Legislation to be amended to ensure harvesting does not exceed
the capacity to grow timber, and to ensure reforestation,
environmental protection, and wildlife-habitat conservation are
practised on Crown and private woodlands. 
- New funds for silviculture--$4 million annually beginning in
the next fiscal year; government to seek equal commitments from
forestry partners. Agriculture
- A review of land use policies and farm land taxation; new
policies, following consultation with agricultural groups, to
better support the agricultural sector. Tourism
- Partnership to be formalized with tourist industry to expand
and improve tourism products.
- Increased marketing effort to be made in Quebec and Ontario.

Steel and Coal
- Nova Scotia to form an industrial commission and ask the
federal government to take part in developing an industrial

- As Halifax International Airport is privatized, the federal
government must recognize and meet obligations to upgrade
- A fair deal on marine navigation fees to be aggressively
- New funds for secondary roads in this fiscal year and increased
dollars again in the next.
- A strategy for CFB Shearwater, similar to that developed for
the former Cornwallis military base, to become a generator of
employment and economic activity.

Secure Care Systems

Health Care
- Additional funds for health care: new dollars this fiscal year
will total $100 million; further increases in fiscal 1998-99.
- Funds for more cancer care, training for emergency doctors,
funds for critical care simulation and the St. John's Ambulance
- Emergency medical helicopter soon to be backed up by a fixed-wing aircraft. 
- Ministers of Health and Community Services to begin efforts to
ensure long-term care sector receives the attention it deserves. 
- New panel to evaluate the current directions for health care
and ensure that services and programs are secure across Nova

Community Care
- A restorative justice program and a new crime prevention
strategy to proceed.
- A prevention framework and action plan to direct and co-ordinate government services and services delivered by other
publicly funded bodies for children and youth at risk.
- A Community Partner's Program to promote children's development
- New programs in child nutrition, early childhood language
development, and screening for risk factors; support for families
who are overburdened.
- Healthy Start pilot to focus on home visits and practical
support for parents and children at risk.
- A commitment to help families; best use to be made of National
Child Benefit, which starts in July, to help low-income Nova

 Care for the Environment
- A law, to be introduced this session, to ensure 31 areas of the
province are protected.
- A comprehensive state of the environment report to be released
in the spring. 

Education and Jobs
- A made-in-Nova Scotia youth employment strategy to be developed
with focus on education, work experience, and information. 
- An internship program within the civil service to be provided
for students and young graduates seeking employment. 
- A winter works program to provide jobs for young people most at
risk of not finding meaningful employment.
- Co-operative education and school-to-work transition programs
in our high schools to be announced soon.
- New curriculum to reflect black culture; scholarships for
African Nova Scotian students; government to work with
Afrocentric Learning Institute to increase the number of black
- A grade 7 Mi'kmaq language course and a grade 10 Mi'kmaq
studies course to be launched.
- Student debt forgiveness program to be reviewed, with an eye to
improving flexibility; continue to urge the federal government to
adopt a similar program. 


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