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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/TOURISM--New Plant for Navigational Aids
A new manufacturer in Port Hawkesbury is going to help people
lost in the woods. Navitrak International is opening a plant to
produce its hand-held Navigator, an aid that can be used by
hikers, hunters, fishermen and anyone else who spends time

Navitrak Manufacturing will hire 35 people in Port Hawkesbury to
make this innovative product. 

The Nova Scotia government is lending $225,000 to the venture and
the Enterprise Cape Breton Corp. another $225,000. The company is
investing $814,000.

"In the end, we chose Nova Scotia because of the people
involved," said Terry Wilton, president of Navitrak
Manufacturing. "They showed so much enthusiasm and were
instrumental in helping us establish here."

The Navigator is a combination compass-map. Lightweight and
water-resistant, it's about the size of an orange. Users pop in a
slide-like map and, by looking through an adjustable lens, can
determine where they are and where they are going. 

"This is another example of companies that are on the leading
edge of technology in their field finding a home in Nova Scotia
because of our location and workforce," said MLA Ray White,
speaking for Manning MacDonald, Minister of Economic Development
and Tourism.

The potential market is in the millions and growing. Navitrak
points to the 60 million licensed sport fishermen and 18.5
million licensed hunters in the United States alone. Then there
are the hikers, bikers, cross-country skiers and campers to add
to the potential market.

"The federal government's support for this project demonstrates
its commitment to job creation and enterprise development," said
Senator Al Graham, speaking on behalf of Fred Mifflin, the
Secretary of State for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
and Enterprise Cape Breton Corp. "This government is pleased to
join the provincial government, the Strait-Highlands Regional
Development Agency, and this private-sector business in a
partnership to bring a new manufacturing venture to the Strait of
Canso area."

Navitrak will also use the Port Hawkesbury plant to make its
Centre of the Universe product line. It uses Navitrak's mapping
technology to place a client's location at the centre of a
customized mapping product. The line includes T-shirts, mousepads
and placemats. 

"Navitrak Manufacturing's decision to open their new facility in
the town of Port Hawkesbury is another sign the Strait area is
growing because of its positive business climate," said Mayor
W.J. MacLean, chair of the Strait-Highlands Regional Development

The Navitrak plant will be a boom for local business. Already
Natalie Carter of Carters Manufacturing has secured a contract to
make the carrier pouch for the Navigator. "It means year-round
employment and will allow me to hire seven more people," said Ms.

Navitrak International acquired Basin Technology Management in
Bedford earlier this year. The company, under founders Rick
MacDonald and Mike Oliver, operates as Navitrak Engineering. That
division is the driving force behind development of Navitrak's PS
software-based products of the future.

Navitrak plans to expand its product line from the Port
Hawkesbury plant to include Navitracker and the Emergency Locator
within the first 18 months of operation. 


Contact: Marcie Stanley
         Enterprise Cape Breton Corp.

         Rick Alexander
         Economic Development and Tourism 

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