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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/TOURISM--Tourism Hits Billion-Dollar Mark
The Nova Scotia tourism industry, in partnership with Economic
Development and Tourism, has announced that 1997 tourism receipts
will exceed one billion dollars. Nova Scotia is the first
Atlantic province to break the billion-dollar threshold,
cementing its leadership position. 

"We're delighted and excited with the news. It's a significant
milestone for the industry --one we expected to reach in the year
2000," said Susan Bartlett, president of the Tourism Industry
Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS). "Achieving the billion
demonstrates the significant impact this industry has on our
economy and the strength of our partnerships."

Ms. Bartlett and David Oxner, executive director of Tourism Nova
Scotia, released the billion-dollar news today in Halifax, at the
Westin Nova Scotian Hotel in conjunction with the 20th Annual
Tourism Conference and Trade Show. The business of tourism
involves more 6,000 Nova Scotia companies.

"The Nova Scotia tourism industry deserves a big round of
applause for this year's performance," said Mr. Oxner. "In 1997,
the business of tourism experienced the greatest growth in a
quarter-century, with an 18 per cent growth in overall visitor

About one-third of this billion dollars is export dollars, said
Ms.Bartlett. "That's new money from offshore circulating into our
rural and urban communities --from Yarmouth to Neils Harbour.
We're also extending the season as well as providing sustainable
jobs for Nova Scotians."
The Nova Scotia Tourism Economic Impact Model used to estimate
tourism spending shows industry receipts reached $1 billion this
month. "Receipts are expected to climb even higher by the end of
the year," said Mr. Oxner. 

The economic impact model tracks spending in such areas as
accommodation, transportation, restaurants, groceries,
entertainment and shopping. It was developed  in 1996 in
partnership with the tourism industry and federal and provincial

Another Nova Scotia first was set during the May 15-Oct. 31
period when total  road visitation eclipsed the million mark.
Almost 1,045,000 travellers arrived in Canada's Ocean Playground
by motor vehicle during this period. That represents a 15 per
cent increase over the same period in 1996. The previous high was
set in 1989 when 990,000 road visitors came during the
May-October period.

Visits by air also took off this year. The number of tourists
arriving by air into Nova Scotia increased dramatically from May
1 to September, 1997, with 238,500 visitors. This represents a 33
per cent increase, or 59,000 more visitors, over the same period
last year. 

International tourists account for 34,700 persons visiting by air
during the May-September period, according to the 1997 Air Exit
Survey. This is up by 75 per cent, or 14,900, compared with the
same period in 1996.

"We've been working with our transportation partners and the
industry to increase air access. Our efforts are working," said
Mr. Oxner.

To keep the momentum going, industry and government
representatives have been working to integrate marketing and
product development initiatives --a key recommendation of the
joint Strategy for Tourism in Nova Scotia.

A joint 1998 marketing plan will be presented at the tourism
conference later today, Nov. 25. The plan calls for increased
activities in the Atlantic region and in Ontario, which
represents Nova Scotia's biggest non-resident tourism market. In
the United States, the focus will be on New England and the
mid-Atlantic states. There are also plans to pursue developing
markets in Quebec and Europe.

"We recognize the potential of partnerships," says Jon Denman,
chairperson of TIANS marketing committee. "Now, we're all focused
in the same direction. Our aim is to grow the industry and better
plan for the future."

On the product development side, communities, industry and
government continue to make significant investments in a vast
number of attractions throughout the province --from the Cape
Breton Trails Tourism Enhancement Project, the Port Bickerton
Lighthouse on Marine Drive and an Acadian Village in West Pubnico
to the Provincial Thomas Raddall Park along the Lighthouse Route
and Fundy Shore nature tours.

For a copy of the 1998 Tourism Marketing Plan Overview and
Partnership Opportunities, call TIANS at 902-423-4480 or the Nova
Scotia Marketing Agency at 902-424-5012. 


Contact: Judith Cabrita
         Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia

         Angela Poirier
         Economic Development and Tourism

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