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Nova Scotians have already been shovelling snow, marking the
beginning of the 1997-98 winter. Today, Don Downe, Minister of
Transportation and Public Works, declared Wednesday, Nov. 26,
Winter Safety Day across the province.

"For Transportation and Public Works, safety is a concern
year-round," said Mr. Downe. "But each fall, as the weather
begins to turn, we feel a responsibility to remind the public of
the dangers of winter motoring."

The department's awareness campaign highlights common sense
practices for safe driving, and targets students with information
on the rules of safe play in winter. This week Transportation and
Public Works employees will be talking to young people in various
areas of the province and distributing winter safety packages
that will benefit both students and their parents.

"Sometimes winter sneaks up very unexpectedly," said Mr. Downe. "I
urge drivers in the province to adjust their travelling speeds to
conditions, watch out for black ice, and if possible, don't drive
at all during storms."

The public is encouraged to report dangerous road conditions by
calling 1-800-337-PLOW. For up-to-date information on road
conditions, call 1-800-307-SNOW. 


Contact: Laura Lee Langley
         Transportation and Public Works

ngr                  Nov. 25, 1997                  3:30 p.m.