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A dozen Nova Scotia companies are just back from a trade mission
to Boston, returning with $3 million worth of business and many
more leads. All 12 are positive about the potential for future

The companies, mostly from Cape Breton and Guysborough County,
spent three days exploring business opportunities in the New
England marketplace. They were promoting products and services,
including engineering, aquaculture and information technology.

The trade mission was co-ordinated  by Nova Scotia Economic
Development and Tourism and its Office of Nova Scotia in New

"New England is much more than a traditional market for Nova
Scotia companies --it represents massive export potential," said
Manning MacDonald, Minister of Economic Development and Tourism.
"Right now it's worth $6.5 billion a year to Nova Scotia's
exporters, and we're working to help more local companies tap
into it."

Mario Pino, marketing manager at Internav in Sydney, visited
several schools and training institutes that use the type of
navigational search and rescue simulators that his company
manufactures. One of the contacts he made represents $250,000 in
potential sales for Internav.

"The timing was perfect as they are ready to expand their
training program and are looking to buy equipment," said Mr.
Pino. A contract would provide three to four months of steady
work for 12 to 15 employees, he said.

Mark Saunders of Mariner Seafood Marketing and Annapolis Basin
Seafood of Digby considered the mission a great success for the
Guysborough County steelhead fish farmers he represented. Mr.
Saunders said he secured $320,000 in sales with three companies
and is looking at potential deals with six other new customers.

"I gained more in one day in Boston than I would have in a month
back home," said Mr. Saunders. "There's nothing like doing
business face to face. As a result of these meetings, we have
some nice deals to pursue."

He credited the provincial government's Office of Nova Scotia in
New England with doing some key preliminary work that made his
job easier. 

"We got into some of the bigger seafood places and they were
ready for us," said Mr. Saunders. "I learned how the system works
and that wouldn't have been possible by doing business over the
phone. They really like Nova Scotians and our fish products, and
it worked to our advantage."

In addition to doing business with companies in New England, Mr.
Saunders secured a deal with Sandy Cameron of St. Mary's River
Smokehouse. The Guysborough County business will buy salmon
pieces from Annapolis Basin Seafood and process the food into
smoked salmon pate.

"Instead of Nova Scotia companies competing against each other,
we're working together," said Mr. Saunders.

The Office of Nova Scotia in New England arranged 60 meetings for
trade mission participants.

"It was a real team effort from start to finish," said Gary
MacPherson, director of the Boston office. "Our trade and
investment office in Halifax worked closely with the RDAs
(regional development authorities) and the companies to identify
their objectives and together we developed a program to suit
their needs."

Lisa Dobson of the Strait-Highlands Regional Development
Authority said she was impressed with the achievements of the
mission. "I take my hat off to Gary MacPherson at the Boston
office. He worked tirelessly to organize fruitful meetings with
New England clients, expert assistance in the form of local
bankers, and market intelligence to help us do business in New

Ms. Dobson said she has no hesitation in recommending future
missions to other Nova Scotia companies.

Mr. MacPherson said his office is already planning trade missions
for the new year.

"New England is a happening marketplace," he said. "Companies here
want to do business with Nova Scotia, so we're going to do
everything we can to assist home-grown companies export into New


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         Economic Development and Tourism

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