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TRANSPORTATION/PUBLIC WORKS--Cobequid Pass Tolls Begin Dec. 1
Tolls will be charged on Cobequid Pass beginning at 12:01 a.m.,
Monday, Dec. 1, 1997.

The cost of tolls are discounted for cars and trucks with
E-Passes, a playing card-size transmitter that mounts on the
windshield. Electronic equipment at the toll plaza scans the
E-pass and automatically deducts the toll from a prepaid E-pass

The toll for car drivers with an E-Pass is $1.50 per trip. Truck
drivers with an E-Pass pay $1.50 per axle to a maximum of six
axles. Without the transponders, the cash rate is $3 per car and
$2 per truck axle.

Police, fire and ambulance vehicles responding to emergencies are
exempt from paying tolls. Drivers of recreational vehicles pay

Car drivers can take advantage of the E-Pass system by buying a
transponder for a one-time cost of $15 and a $30 deposit that
will pay for 20 trips on Cobequid Pass. The E-Pass for commercial
trucks costs $40, with an initial deposit of $54 to open an
account. Mounting kits are $1.

E-Passes are sold only at the toll plaza on the highway, between
8 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily. They are available to all drivers.

Applications for the E-Passes, but not the E-Passes themselves,
will be available at Registry of Motor Vehicles offices across
Nova Scotia and at Access Nova Scotia centres in Halifax,
Dartmouth and Kentville.

For information about the transponders, call Atlantic Highways
Management Corp. at 902-668-2211.


Contact: Susan MacLeod
         Highway 104 Western Alignment Corp.

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