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The Department of Transportation and Public Works has begun the
tendering process for 1998-99 road work.

"Roadbuilders in Nova Scotia have been asking for early tenders
to allow them more time for planning their work season," said Don
Downe, Minister of Transportation and Public Works. "Better
planning by our department and the contractors will lead to more
informed bids and the most efficient projects possible."

The early start to the process honours a commitment the
department made earlier this year to the roadbuilding industry,
said Mr. Downe.

Tenders will be advertised Saturday, Nov. 29, for work on two
sections in Kings County. The first is the pulverization and
repaving of 5.3 kilometres of the English Mountain Road; the
second is a section of the Greenwich Road from Highway 101 to
Ridge Road.

"These are the first projects in our early-tender program," said
Mr. Downe. "Legislation allows us to tender up to 50 per cent of
the previous year's capital allotment. We hope to issue up to $30
million in tenders by the end of winter."

Greg Burke, president of the Nova Scotia Roadbuilders
Association, said this is great news for the industry.

"We are very happy the department has responded to our concerns
with early tenders," said Mr. Burke. "It gives us a head start on
planning everything from equipment purchases and allocation to
staffing. It also instills a sense of confidence for employers
and employees that there will be work in the coming year. This is
a big step."

Road projects across the province are evaluated for work on a
priority basis. Work can only proceed after the new fiscal year
begins April 1, 1998.


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