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TRANSPORTATION/PUBLIC WORKS--Brooklyn War Memorial to Remain
The war memorial monument in Brooklyn, Hants Co., built in 1947,
will remain in its original place, Don Downe, Minister of
Transportation and Public Works, announced in the legislature

"I rise today to reassure the house and the residents of
Brooklyn, Hants County, that their historic war monument will be
preserved," stated Mr. Downe.

There have been differing views in the community over what to do
with the 50-year-old memorial after a new monument was erected at
the Brooklyn firehall. Residents have filed a petition to save
the old monument, and the Department of Transportation and Public
Works will accommodate the wishes of the community. The new
monument is at a safer location for visitors. 

"In that light, Mr. Speaker, I again reaffirm my department's
position to listen to the wishes of the community and assure the
house the war memorial at Brooklyn will not be removed unless the
community asks my department to do so," said Mr. Downe.
The old monument stands at the three-way intersection of Route
215 and Trunk 14.


Contact: Chris Welner
         Transportation and Public Works
         Cell: 902-499-0032

ngr                Nov. 28, 1997               1:00 p.m.