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FISHERIES/AQUACULTURE--Minister Says Amendments Unacceptable
Proposed changes to the federal Fisheries Act are unacceptable
because they fail to acknowledge the province's role in managing
an important resource, says Jim Barkhouse, Nova Scotia's Minister
of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

"We have tried to be patient but the stakes are too high," said
Mr. Barkhouse. "Nova Scotia will settle for nothing less than the
provinces' being recognized as full partners in the new federal
Fisheries Act."

The minister made the comments following a meeting today, Friday,
Nov. 28, between federal Fisheries Minister David Anderson and
fisheries ministers from Atlantic Canada, Quebec and the
Northwest Territories.

"After today's meeting, it seems we're still a long way from that

Mr. Barkhouse said he went into the meeting intending to make
some headway on this important issue. He said the Department of
Fisheries and Oceans seems to be driven by rationalization and
efficiency objectives, but provincial legislation mandates the
province to foster community involvement in the management of
coastal resources and that means protecting Nova Scotians.

The federal government must make explicit reference to the
provinces in a revised Fisheries Act, said Mr. Barkhouse. Being
recognized in the act is so important because it is a starting
point for a new relationship between the provinces and DFO, he

"We need to enshrine the concept of equal partners when
management plans are being negotiated," said the minister. "The
provincial governments, people and communities are being left out
of this equation, and it is our future which is at stake."


Contact: Jim Barkhouse
         Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture

sab                  Nov. 18, 1997