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EDUCATION/CULTURE--International Post-Secondary Agreements Signed
Small in geography maybe-but Nova Scotia is firmly on the map and
making a big impression internationally in post-secondary

Three out of seven education agreements, signed today by Prime
Minister Jean Chr‚tien, Philippine President Fidel Ramos and
Education and Culture Minister Robbie Harrison, are with Nova
Scotia. These agreements open the doors for a strong partnership,
mutual education benefits, and mutual profit, as the Philippines
expands and strengthens its post-secondary education system.  

Premier Russell MacLellan credited this success to the quality of
Nova Scotia's post-secondary education system. "Our universities
and colleges are second to none. That's what Nova Scotia is
saying -and more and more, that's what the world is saying."

As a country of more than 7,000 islands, coastal zone management
is one of the Philippine priorities. An agreement between the
Commission on Higher Education and Nova Scotia opens doors for
the province's universities and colleges to share expertise in
Maritime education, marine sciences, ocean-related programs, and
international development. A second agreement was signed between
the commission and Dalhousie University in recognition of its
activities in international development and ocean studies.

Dalhousie University President Tom Traves, also in Ottawa, said:
"This agreement reflects Nova Scotia's tremendous expertise in
coastal zone and ocean management. Our universities, government
research agencies and private sector experts create a strong
team. Dalhousie looks forward to sharing our strengths in ocean
studies, marine and environmental management with the

The third agreement is in open and distance education with the
University of the Philippines Open University. The agreement will
focus on the following areas: human resource management; health
care communication; continuing education in medicine; and nursing
and nutrition. This agreement also proposes establishing a
Telemedicine Centre at the University of the Philippines Open
University, and the development of information and other
educational technology to support distance education activities.

Each of the three agreements can involve the development of
co-operative programs at the diploma, under-graduate, graduate
and post-graduate levels, as well as the export and sharing of
research expertise. Programs are also expected to include faculty
and student exchanges. 

The agreements primarily involve the universities, colleges and
governments, but can extend to the private sector, research
institutions and voluntary agencies in Nova Scotia and the
Philippines. These consortia would be well positioned to work
with international financial institutions (e.g., Asia Development
Bank and World Bank) on sponsored projects.

Minister Harrison said these agreements represent another step
forward in the growing relationship between Nova Scotia and the
Philippines, beginning with the Team Canada mission. 

"I had the pleasure of meeting both President Ramos and
Commissioner Dumlao-Valisno in the Philippines, and I am honoured
to join the Prime Minister in welcoming them to Canada," Mr.
Harrison said.  "We will continue to water the seeds of this
relationship, so they blossom into greater opportunities and
mutual benefits for both Nova Scotia and the Philippines."

The agreements were part of a total of 26 business and education
agreements signed today by Prime Minister Chr‚tien and President

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