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EDUCATION/CULTURE--Provincial Cultural Policy Released
A comprehensive cultural policy tabled today, Tuesday, Dec. 2, in
the Legislative Assembly will guide government support and
development of arts and culture in Nova Scotia.

Drafted in consultation with more than 500 Nova Scotians, the
policy outlines government's strong commitment to the arts,
cultural industries and heritage, and recognizes their critical
meaning to individuals and communities.

"This policy represents the voice of the cultural sector and
clearly states what we heard during consultations," said
Education and Culture Minister Robbie Harrison. "Nova Scotia has
always been a strong supporter of arts and culture, and this
policy encourages better co-ordination and accountability for
government's activities with the cultural sector."

While the Department of Education and Culture is the lead
department in preserving and developing the province's cultural
and heritage resources, others such as the Nova Scotia Marketing
Agency, the Sport and Recreation Commission, and the departments
of Economic Development and Tourism and Housing and Municipal
Affairs are also involved in cultural activities.

Each year the province invests more than $50 million to support
arts, culture and heritage. The new policy is a guide for
developing government practices, setting objectives and reviewing

In 1996, the Department of Education and Culture conducted
extensive consultations with Nova Scotians to develop a cultural
policy covering the arts, cultural industries, heritage and
multiculturalism. Input was gathered through a widely circulated
discussion paper, focus groups and several public meetings. 

"This is a forward-looking, inclusive policy that truly sets the
stage for Nova Scotians to stride into the 21st century with a
strong sense of pride in who we are," said Russell Kelly,
executive director of the Nova Scotia Arts Council. "The general
public and cultural community will benefit from the strategies
arising from this policy. The council will do its best to assist
the government of Nova Scotia in meeting its stated commitments."

English and French copies of the policy can be obtained on the
Department of Education and Culture's website at
or through the Government Bookstore, 1700 Granville St., Halifax,
1-800-526-6575 or 902-424-7580.


Contact: Catherine MacIsaac
         Education and Culture

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