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HEALTH--New Fixed-Wing Air Ambulance Now in Service
Increased demand for air ambulance service has prompted the
Department of Health to expand its Air Medical Transport program.

A new fixed-wing air ambulance is now available on demand,
augmenting service currently provided by an air ambulance

The new fixed-wing air ambulance belongs to Provincial Airlines
and will be operated by STARS-NS, Shock Trauma Air Rescue
Society-Nova Scotia, the contractor that has operated the
helicopter air ambulance since 1996. The fixed-wing aircraft will
be based at Halifax International Airport.

The Air Medical Transport program is used to transport critically
ill and injured babies and children, expectant mothers at risk,
and other adult patients from across the Maritimes to the Queen
Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre or IWK-Grace Hospital in

"Our Air Medical Transport program gives everyone in Nova Scotia
a safety net in a medical emergency," said Health Minister Jim
Smith. "The air medical flight teams are made up of nurses,
respiratory therapists and paramedics who can deliver emergency
medical care during the flight. These health professionals can
reduce and prevent injury and save lives while flying to the

The fixed-wing air ambulance will join the helicopter during some
multiple emergencies and will also provide backup when the
helicopter is on a mission or undergoing routine maintenance.

The Air Medical Transport program is funded by the Department of
Health and regulated by Emergency Health Services Nova Scotia.
The estimated annual cost of the program is $2.5 million, or 
less than one per cent of the total health care budget. 


Contact: Morris Green
         Emergency Health Services

ngr                 Dec. 3, 1997                   11:25 a.m.