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EDUCATION/CULTURE--Junior High Network Symposium
More than 100 educators representing schools from across Nova
Scotia are sharing plans and strategies to increase student
learning and success in the classroom at the Junior High School
Network Symposium today and tomorrow, Dec. 4-5, in Dartmouth.

Networking with other schools, refining school improvement
proposals for publication on the junior high webpage, and
developing action plans are goals for the symposium, hosted by
the Department of Education and Culture.

"The Junior High School Network responds to overwhelming response
from teachers, parents, administrators and communities calling
for support for students during the critical middle years," said
Education and Culture Minister Robbie Harrison. "Our schools have
a wealth of ideas and experience, and the network allows us to
share success stories and best practices and to reach more

The symposium is the first in a series of provincial conferences
scheduled over the next three years. Activities are designed to
give schools opportunities to revisit their improvement plans,
share projects and develop school and personal contacts. 
Participating school teams include an administrator, a member of
the school advisory council and two teachers.

Following the symposium, schools will continue with an action
plan to involve school staff and education partners in further
developing and implementing their school improvement plans.

In September, the department released a document on current and
emerging research in successful junior high schools. Research
will also be carried out to add to what schools are "learning by
doing," and classroom-based research will be conducted to support
a plan that brings successful middle-junior high practices to
more schools.


Contact: Doug Hadley
         Education and Culture

NOTE TO EDITORS: To arrange an interview with a symposium
participant, please contact Doug Hadley at the above number or
e-mail address.

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