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ENVIRONMENT--Minister Introduces Wilderness Areas Protection Act
Environment Minister Wayne Adams has introduced legislation to
protect 31 important natural areas across Nova Scotia.

"The Wilderness Areas Protection Act will put the force of law
behind a pledge of this government to protect pristine wilderness
from the temptations of the marketplace," said Mr. Adams.

Nearly 20 per cent of provincial Crown land will be protected
under the new legislation. The 31 sites, including Jim Campbells
Barrens, were selected after extensive consultation with the
people of Nova Scotia.

A public review committee recommended all 31 sites to the
government for inclusion in the Protected Areas Strategy. They
were selected as representative samples of natural landscapes and
ecosystems. The bill will ensure that ecological integrity,
natural ecological processes and biodiversity will be maintained
in these areas.  

Protection of an area won't mean people are prohibited from
enjoying the land. The 31 sites will be the focus for wilderness
recreation and environmentally sensitive tourism, environmental
education and scientific research. Traditional sport fishing and
hunting will still be allowed. 

"The pubic consultation process revealed that Nova Scotians want
to get up close and personal with nature," said Mr. Adams. "We
will develop management plans to ensure we protect the areas and
promote visits," he said. Management plans will be developed for
all sites in consultation with Nova Scotians.

Penalties for breach of the Wilderness Areas Protection Act will
be consistent with those in the Environment Act --up to $1
million for corporations and $500,000 for individuals.

"The Wilderness Areas Protection Act is more than a kept promise. 
It's a way of ensuring that the Nova Scotia we hand to the next
generation is better than the one handed us," said Mr. Adams.

Protected Wilderness Areas: 

Alder Grounds, Guysborough Co.
Boggy Lake, Guysborough and Halifax counties
The Big Bog, Guysborough Co.
Bonnet Lake Barrens, Guysborough Co.
Bowers Meadows, Shelburne Co.
Jim Campbells Barrens, Inverness Co.
Canso Coastal Barrens, Guysborough Co.
Clattenburgh Brook, Halifax Co.
Cloud Lake, Kings and Annapolis counties
Economy River, Colchester and Cumberland counties
Middle River-Framboise, Cape Breton and Richmond counties
French River, Victoria Co.
Gabarus, Cape Breton Co.
Liscomb River, Guysborough Co.
Margaree, Inverness Co.
McGill Lake, Annapolis Co.
Middle River, Victoria and Inverness counties
North River, Victoria Co.
Ogden-Round Lake, Guysborough Co.
Polletts Cove-Aspy Fault, Inverness and Victoria counties
Portapique River, Colchester and Cumberland counties
Lake Rossignol, Queens Co.
Scatarie Island, Cape Breton Co.
Sugarloaf Mountain, Inverness Co.
Tangier-Grand Lake, Halifax Co.
Terence Bay, Halifax Co.
Tidney River, Shelburne and Queens Co.
Tobeatic, Annapolis, Digby, Yarmouth, Shelburne, Queens counties
Trout Brook, Inverness and Victoria counties
Waverley-Salmon River-Long Lake, Halifax Co.
Whites Lake, Halifax Co.


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