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Winter operations are in full swing at all Transportation and
Public Works bases across Nova Scotia. Transportation Minister
Don Downe today commended staff for their dedication, especially
after the early arrival of blustery winter conditions.

"I am very proud of the men and women who work for us. They often
give up their weekends, their evenings, they work all night, and
many this year changed their personal plans to come back to work
early for the safety of Nova Scotians," said Mr. Downe.

"We have a dedicated group of people here who are truly committed
to providing service. I commend them."

When not working, winter operators are on short-notice call to
the department for the entire 16 weeks of their contract. 

"We take our jobs very seriously and make ourselves available on
a moment's notice," said Gareth Drinnan, president of Local 1867
of CUPE.

"The men and women, who literally belong to the department over
the winter months, keep the roads safe for motorists in Nova
Scotia. It is an essential service that is often taken for
granted," said Mr. Drinnan.

"I want people to know what a valuable asset these men and women
are to the department," said Mr. Downe. "They work long, hard
hours to keep traffic moving. We rely on them, and appreciate
their expertise."

The public is encouraged to report dangerous road conditions by
calling 1-800-337-PLOW. For up-to-date information on road
conditions, call 1-800-307-SNOW. 


Contact: Laura Lee Langley
         Transportation/Public Works

ngr                 Dec. 12, 1997                10:20 a.m.