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HEALTH--Video Produced to Help Problem-Gamblers
Health Minister Jim Smith released a new education video today,
Friday, Dec. 12, to benefit problem-gamblers in Nova Scotia.

"Romancing the Odds is the first of its kind in the province,"
said Dr. Smith, who tabled the video in the legislature.

"It's cleverly designed to work together with other interventions
to educate and increase public awareness of problem-gambling and
to promote healthy lifestyle habits."

The video highlights key symptoms of problem-gambling to help
guide individuals to address their personal situation. It will
help problem-gamblers and their families come to terms with the
issues and seek help.

Romancing the Odds will be distributed free of charge to
problem-gamblers and their families. This will be done through
the Department of Health's problem-gambling services,
drug-dependency services offices and Nova Scotia's innovative
toll-free problem-gambling help line.

The video should also greatly benefit allied professionals, self-help groups, educators and others directly or indirectly affected
by problem-gambling.

The video was produced in Nova Scotia and features local talent.
It won high praise from a formal focus-group process that
included professional counsellors, recovering problem-gamblers,
educators and members of the public.

The Department of Health provides a wide variety of services
provincewide to help problem-gamblers and their families. In
addition, people can call the toll-free help line at 
1-888-347-8888 or 1-888-347-3331 (tty).


Contact: Sue McKeage
         Department of Health

ngr                 Dec. 12, 1997                  1:40 p.m.