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PREMIER'S OFFICE--MacLellan's Pension Goes to Fund for Charities
Nova Scotia Premier Russell MacLellan today repeated his
intention to stop using federal pension revenues while he is a
sitting member of the provincial legislature.

The premier receives a pension for his 18 years of service as a
member of Parliament, but he stated during his campaign for the
leadership of the provincial Liberal party that he would not
accept the pension revenues if elected to the Legislative

"Several weeks ago, shortly after my election as the member of
the Legislative Assembly for Cape Breton North, I began inquiries
and proceedings to divert this pension income into a separate
fund from which the monies could be distributed to charitable
organizations," said Premier MacLellan.

"Once it is established, all federal pension revenues that I have
acquired since the date of my election to the House, Nov. 4,
1997, will be placed in this trust and distributed appropriately
and properly."

The premier was responding to media reports that he was
continuing to receive the federal pension cheques.

"It's true that I have received one cheque," he said. "But that
revenue and any other I may receive before the end of the year
will be donated."

Premier MacLellan said that when he said he would be accepting
the two federal pension cheques until the end of December it was
a truthful response to a direct question, and he assumed it was
understood that he would not be personally benefiting from them.

"I made a promise during my leadership campaign that I would not
personally accept federal cheques for serving my constituents
provincially, and it has always been both my style and my
intention to keep my word," said the premier.


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         Office of the Premier

ngr                 Dec. 15, 1997                 11:05 a.m.