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JUSTICE--Nova Scotia to Train its Own Police
The Department of Justice today announced it is launching, with
the assistance of Halifax Regional Police, a provincial recruit
training program.

The initiative will offer cadets from Nova Scotia technologically
advanced and cost-efficient police training.

"The curriculum takes advantage of the most advanced police
training delivery system and technology available," said Robert
Barss, executive director of Police and Public Safety Services,
Department of Justice. "More than 100 resource personnel will
instruct the program."

"The ability to instruct our officers in our own backyard has
three distinct advantages," said Chief Vince MacDonald of the
Halifax Regional Police.

"One, we are able to train these cadets in our ways and
methodology. Two, the region benefits by having these cadets on
duty by summer -- by far our busiest time of year. And three,
there is a considerable cost savings for candidates, allowing
qualified people a fair chance when it comes to economics."

The Department of Justice and police will train about 30
recruits. The 10-month course begins February 1998 at various
Halifax Regional Police facilities. The course curriculum
includes about seven months of classroom instruction and
evaluation and three months of on-the-job training. During the
field training, Halifax Regional Municipality will have an
additional 30 or so police cadets on duty.

Cadets will be selected from an existing list of candidates. The
provincial program aims to provide financially affordable police
recruit training to a diverse Nova Scotian population.


Contact: Nadia Supple
         Department of Justice

ngr                 Dec. 16, 1997                3:50 p.m.