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NATURAL RESOURCES--Tussock Moth Survey Results Reviewed
Forest Protection staff at the Department of Natural Resources
are meeting in Truro today, Dec. 17, with forest industry
representatives to review results of the tussock moth survey
carried out in Nova Scotia in October and November.

"This is one of the most extensive egg mass surveys ever carried
out by the Department of Natural Resources," said Walter Fanning,
manager of Forest Protection.

Approximately 40 Natural Resources staff and 10 industry
representatives surveyed the entire province, with the majority
of samples taken from central and northern Nova Scotia. Tussock
moth egg masses were found in moderate and severe quantity on
400,000 hectares (980,000 acres) of forest, of which up to 60,000
hectares (148,000 acres) are seriously threatened with

"I would like to thank everyone who assisted with this survey,"
said Natural Resources Minister Ken MacAskill. "Without their
help, we could not have sampled so intensively and located the
extent of the insect outbreak."

The department will review its management options over the


Contact: Susan Mader Zinck
         Natural Resources

         Walter Fanning
         Manager, Forest Protection

         Eric Georgeson

ngr                   Dec. 17, 1997                  12:40 p.m.