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For years, Seal Island's lighthouse protected ships from the
perils of stormy weather. The lighthouse, now a museum, received
some weather protection of its own this fall, ensuring it's
continued presence as a tourist attraction and cultural centre.

With more than 6,000 visitors in 1996, the lighthouse is a
significant player in the area's tourism industry. However,
cracked windows and a deteriorating copper dome had threatened to
close the museum.

The Municipality of Barrington is replacing 36 damaged windows
with unbreakable glass and adding fibreglass to the dome over the

The $21,061 cost of the project will be shared equally between
the municipality and Economic Development and Tourism's Community
Opportunities Fund.

"The lighthouse has great cultural and historic significance for
residents, as well as being a tourist draw and offering great
views over Barrington Bay," said Manning MacDonald, Minister of
Economic Development and Tourism.

"We're happy to help preserve it for future generations and help
Barrington build its tourism economy."

Steven Stoddart, deputy chair of the South West Shore Development
Authority and warden of the Municipality of the District of
Barrington, is confident the newly renovated lighthouse will
contribute significantly to tourism.

"We expect that tourism will be boosted as a result of the
restoration work," said Mr. Stoddart. "Many of today's
eco-tourists want to visit and understand the importance of
lighthouses and the roles they played in seafaring as part of
maritime history."

Frank Anderson, CEO of the South West Shore Development
Authority, said he is proud to be part of the team that
co-ordinated the restoration plans.

"The RDA was delighted to liaise between the municipality and
Economic Development and Tourism and to help the project come to

The lighthouse was originally on Seal Island, about 30 kilometres
off the coast of Clark's Harbour. When it was replaced by a
modern beacon, residents constructed a 10-metre replica to house
the original beacon in Barrington.


Contact: Steve Fairbairn
         Economic Development and Tourism

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