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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/TOURISM--Black Loyalist Research Project
An innovative project in the Shelburne area will be a catalyst
for new research into Black Loyalist history and culture.

Senator Al Graham, Leader of the Government in the Senate, on
behalf of Pierre Pettigrew, Minister of Human Resources
Development Canada, and Clifford Huskilson, MLA for Shelburne, on
behalf of Manning MacDonald, Minister of Economic Development and
Tourism, today announced funding of $65,000 for a project of the
Shelburne County Cultural Awareness Society to support research
and development of the Birchtown Black Loyalist Historical Site.

The project will develop a comprehensive plan to define and guide
the development of the Birchtown Black Loyalist Historical Site.
It will entrench the site's unique national significance as the
largest free settlement of Black Loyalists in North America.

"Local communities are best suited to identify and address their
own labour force priorities," said Senator Graham. "The Black
Loyalist Cultural Research Project will enable Shelburne to do
that in collaboration with partners willing to experiment with
innovative approaches to community economic development."

"We're delighted to support the society in celebrating the rich
diversity of this region's cultural heritage," said Mr.
Huskilson. "The development of this historical site will do more
than add to the community pride -- it will bring opportunity and
economic spinoff."

In addition to Human Resources Development Canada's contribution
of $50,000 and the province's contribution of $15,000, the South
West Shore Regional Development Authority and the Shelburne
County Cultural Awareness Society will provide financial support
toward this project totalling $75,596.

The project will include research, preservation and protection of
the site; production of educational material; establishment of a
major Canadian black heritage tourism site focusing on the
history and heritage of Black Loyalists and descendants of
African slaves who arrived at Shelburne prior to 1867; and
development of training programs for black youth directed toward
black heritage careers and self-employment. 

The federal government is supporting this project through the
Local Labour Market Partnerships (LLMP) Support Measure of the
Employment Insurance Act implemented July 1, 1996. LLMP
encourages communities to take greater responsibility in creating
local employment by actively involving community partners.

This project supports the government of Canada's jobs strategy.
The goal of the jobs strategy is to strengthen economic
fundamentals in communities and establish a favourable climate
for job creation. LLMP supports the local planning process
through strategic investments that nurture productive
partnerships resulting in ever greater employment opportunities.
The jobs strategy invests in areas where government intervention
will have a positive impact on reducing unemployment. 

Funding for this project was provided for in the February 1997
federal budget. The project reflects the government of Canada's
commitment to establish spending priorities that will best serve
Canadians through the most efficient use of tax dollars.


Contact: Bob Manuel
         Human Resources Development Canada, Yarmouth

         Steve Fairbairn
         Economic Development and Tourism

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