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EDUCATION/CULTURE--Government, NSTU Reach Agreement-in-Principle
Negotiators for the provincial government and the Nova Scotia
Teachers Union have reached an agreement-in-principle in contract

Details of the agreement will be finalized over the next few
weeks and will conclude formally with a tentative agreement,
subject to ratification by union members.

Premier Russell MacLellan praised the two negotiating teams for
their work. "We recognize the contribution teachers and other
public servants make to the province, and we are pleased
significant progress has been made at the table," said Mr.

"I want to particularly commend Minister Allister Surette and
Minister Robbie Harrison for their tireless commitment to these
negotiations," he said.

"This is an important development for public sector
negotiations," said Human Resources Minister Allister Surette. 
"It underlines the importance of collective bargaining and the
negotiating process. We are confident it will lead to a final

The NSTU represents more than 10,000 teachers, about one-fifth of
the number of public sector workers in the province, and the
union has been at the negotiating table with the government since

"Our goal is to reach an agreement that supports our professional
teachers, and builds the quality of education in the classroom,"
said Education and Culture Minister Robbie Harrison. "This
agreement-in-principle works toward these objectives."

"After a lengthy period of negotiations, significant progress has
been made," said NSTU president Donnie MacIntyre. However, the
union leader cautioned the agreement "still leaves a number of
details to be completed.

"Should the working committee complete its efforts during the
holiday period, the package will be reviewed by our provincial
executive in January, and if approved, it will be presented to
our membership, followed by the ratification vote," said Mr.

Both parties agreed a media blackout will continue on details of
negotiations between the two parties until teachers vote on the


Contact: Norma MacIsaac
         Human Resources

         Donna MacDonald
         Education and Culture

         Les Walker
         Nova Scotia Teachers Union

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