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JUSTICE--Batiot Appointed Chief Judge of Provincial Court
Justice Minister Alan Mitchell announced today, Friday, Dec. 19,
the appointment of Jean-Louis Batiot as chief judge of the
provincial court. Judge Batiot has served as acting chief judge
since April, and his appointment is effective immediately.

"The leadership Chief Judge Batiot has provided has certainly
served the legal community and the people of Nova Scotia well,"
said Mr. Mitchell. "I know we will continue to benefit from his
integrity, dedication and commitment."  

Chief Judge Batiot was called to the bar in 1977 after graduation
from Dalhousie University law school. He practised privately in
Annapolis Royal before becoming the first officially bilingual
judge of the Provincial Court of Nova Scotia in 1987. He became
associate chief judge in February. Chief Judge Batiot was sworn
as a judge of the family court in 1992.  

Chief Judge Batiot has served on the executive and standards
committees of The Nova Scotia Association of Provincial Court
Judges, and served as president of the association prior to
becoming acting chief judge.    

The attorney general appoints the chief judge on the
recommendation of a recruitment committee, which considers
applications from current provincial court judges.

The committee consists of the chief justice of Nova Scotia (who
chairs the committee), the chief judge of the family court, the
past chief judge of the provincial court, the president of the
provincial court judges association and a lay person (without a
law degree) designated by the justice minister. 


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