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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/TOURISM--Louisbourg Fish Plant to Reopen
The National Sea Products plant in Louisbourg will soon be
processing fish again.

Han Beck Sea Products is leasing the plant and expects to employ
up to 200 people within three years. The company will produce
value-added products from under-utilized species, principally
silver hake, for export to specialty markets in North America and

The Nova Scotia government is lending the company $3.6 million
and will invest another $1.5 million if the company meets
employment projections. Human Resources Development Canada is
investing just over $1.1 million through the Transitional Job
Fund, and Enterprise Cape Breton Corp. is providing a loan of $1
million, for a total federal commitment of $2.1 million. 

Today's announcement was made in Louisbourg by Premier Russell
MacLellan, Economic Development and Tourism Minister Manning
MacDonald and Senator Al Graham on behalf of Fred Mifflin,
Secretary of State for Enterprise Cape Breton Corp., and Pierre
Pettigrew, Minister of Human Resources Development Canada.

"This is the news fish-plant workers have been waiting for," said
Premier MacLellan. "The company will use an under-utilized
resource, silver hake, to process a more valuable product for
export and reopen an idle fish plant in the process. It's another
indication of the more self-reliant and assertive economic path
upon which the Nova Scotia economy is embarking."

"Today's announcement is proof of the federal government's
continued commitment to economic growth and job creation," said
Senator Graham. "This project focuses on the export market, which
is one of the keys to achieving economic growth, attracting
investment and creating jobs."

"This is an investment in Louisbourg and in the future of our
fisheries," said Mr. MacDonald. "The region benefits from higher
employment. Local businesses will get a boost from spinoff
opportunities. And the province gets a return on its investment
many times over, through loan repayment and taxes."

Yong Taek Kim, owner of Han Beck Sea Products, has experience in
both the Canadian and Korean fisheries. A naturalized Canadian,
he was part-owner of a successful business in Newfoundland until
1991 when he sold his interests to the current owners. He
returned to Korea to run a fish import/export business, gaining
experience and a solid reputation with that country's top fish
trading companies.
Kim has negotiated a lease-to-own contract with National Sea for
the Louisbourg plant and is buying new equipment to handle the
surimi production. Surimi (pronounced sir-REE-mee) is a minced
seafood product made from high-quality Alaska pollack, silver
hake or other lean, white fish from the cod family.

Mr. Kim said the market demand for surimi products is increasing,
and Nova Scotia is well-placed to benefit. "Surimi has the
potential to be a significant export product for Nova Scotia. The
key factors for success are all present: an experienced
workforce, abundant raw material and fresh water, an excellent
facility in Louisbourg, and the commitment of both federal and
provincial governments."

Jim Barkhouse, provincial Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture,
agreed: "We're going to have Nova Scotians catching the fish,
processing the fish and exporting the fish. This will also create
opportunities for more Nova Scotia fishermen. The Korean market
holds great potential for Nova Scotia."

Mayor David Muise of Cape Breton Regional Municipality said the
announcement is welcome news for the Louisbourg area.

"We're looking forward to working with Han Beck and rebuilding
the local economy. This is great news for fish plant workers and
points to a brighter future."


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