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Snowmobiling enthusiasts are enjoying a better maintained and
wider trail system in Folly Lake this year.

A new trail groomer, acquired by the Fundy Trail Snowmobile and
Recreation Club, is helping to make the sport safer and more
attractive to snowmobilers throughout the Atlantic Provinces.

Land use agreements with the province and other large landowners
allow the club to provide 100 kilometres of groomed snowmobile
trails. This extensive system requires a lot of maintenance and
the club's 23 year-old groomer was put to good use. However, the
machine was not as efficient as it once was and new equipment was
needed to keep the trails up to standard.  

The club was aware that a new machine was a big investment and
although it could pay for part of it, further funding was needed.
It decided to tap into the Community Opportunities Fund, an
initiative of Nova Scotia Economic Development and Tourism. With
the help of a $55,122 investment, a new trail groomer was
obtained in August.

"The new groomer keeps the trails up to standard and makes it
easier to do the job," said club president Al Tucker. "It makes
the trails wider and, therefore, safer. And it's a lot easier to
sell permits with well-groomed trails."

The club has been in existence for about 23 years and boasts a
membership of about 100 families. In addition to its regular
members, last year the club sold around 137 trail-use permits and
expects an increase to 150 this year.

"Snowmobiling is becoming popular again," said Mr. Tucker. "It's
continually growing."

"This trail system is putting money into the local economy," said
Manning MacDonald, Minister of Economic Development and Tourism.
"Snowmobilers buy gas from local service stations, food from
restaurants and convenience stores, and parts from dealers.
Accommodations operators benefit when visitors from New
Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Ontario come to use the
trails. We're proud to have been partners in making this service
even more accessible to residents and visitors alike."

The trails have already been busier this year than in previous
years --a result of the early, heavy snowfall. Add to that the
sport's continuing popularity, and this winter is expected to be
a successful one for the club.

The Community Opportunities Fund provides an opportunity for
communities and government to work together on projects that
result in lasting benefits as part of regional community economic
development plans.


Contact: Angela Campbell
         Economic Development and Tourism

ngr                 Dec. 22, 1997                 11:05 a.m.