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FISHERIES/AQUACULTURE--Growing Interest in Winter Angling
Nova Scotian anglers can look forward to more lakes being open
for ice fishing this year as the Department of Fisheries and
Aquaculture responds to growing interest in the province's winter
sport fishery.

Anglers in Pictou County will be able to fish for rainbow trout
and white and yellow perch in Gairloch Lake for the first time
this year. The season will run from Jan. 1 until March 31, 1998.
Bag limit on trout is two a day; there is no bag limit on perch.
The addition of Gairloch Lake increases angling opportunities
during a part of the year when, except for smelt, there
traditionally haven't been many chances for anglers. There are
about 100,000 anglers in Nova Scotia, and the number of visiting
anglers continues to grow.

"We were pleased with the good number of anglers into winter
sport fishing last year, and we are happy to offer them more
opportunities this year," said Jim Barkhouse, Minister of
Fisheries and Aquaculture.

The following lakes are open again this year:

- Shortts Lake, Colchester Co.; chain pickerel, white and yellow
perch; from Jan. 1 to March 31 with no bag limit.

- Albro Lake, Dartmouth; rainbow trout, white and yellow perch;
from Jan. 15 to March 15; bag limit is two trout per day and no
limit on perch.
- Lac d'en Bas, as well as Ameros and Spectacle lakes, near
Meteghan in Digby County, and Seth, Bonaventure and Eel lakes;
chain pickerel, yellow and white perch. Season runs from Jan. 15
to Feb. 28; no bag limit.

- Cameron and Gillis lakes in Pinevale, Antigonish Co.; rainbow
trout, white and yellow perch; Jan. 1 to March 31. A bag limit of
two trout per day applies; no limit on perch. 

- Bras d'Or Lakes; rainbow trout; Jan. 1 to March 31, with a few
exceptions; bag limit of two trout per day. To protect brook
trout stocks, trout fishing will not be permitted inside East Bay
sandbar, above the Baddeck River Highway Bridge on Highway 105
and above Crowdis Bridge in the River Denys basin.

"We will continue to look at areas where we can open seasons for
chain pickerel, white and yellow perch or stocked rainbow trout,"
said Mr. Barkhouse. "We don't want to put any more pressure on
the most popular species like brook trout, smallmouth bass and
Atlantic salmon."

Mr. Barkhouse urged anglers to exercise caution and ensure the
ice is safe when fishing.


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