Coastal classification system: engagement

The Government of Nova Scotia is developing a coastal classification system. The classification system will rate (classify) and map coastal waters based on suitability for aquaculture development. Opportunities to help shape the classification system development process and share feedback will be provided as the project progresses.

The Government of Nova Scotia is developing a classification system to map and rate (classify) coastal waters based on suitability for low-impact, sustainable aquaculture development.

The Centre for Marine Applied Research (CMAR) is providing scientific support to help develop the classification system. CMAR is an independent division of Perennial Food and Agriculture Corporation, which is a provincial Crown corporation.

The classification system will support the current aquaculture regulatory framework. Applications for new aquaculture sites will continue to follow licensing and leasing application and review processes.

About the engagement

Developing the coastal classification system will be an evidence-based, collaborative process. Government and the Centre for Marine Applied Research will set up and consult with committees throughout the project.

Nova Scotians are invited to share feedback throughout the development process of the classification system.

Get informed

Learn more about the initial recommendation for a coastal classification system in Nova Scotia, similar suitability assessments in other jurisdictions and the classification system project.

How to participate

A survey is planned for summer 2024 to provide feedback on proposed criteria to assess coastal waters for aquaculture suitability.

Next steps

Feedback will be reviewed by government and shared with partners to help inform the development of the coastal classification system.

More information about the engagement

You can send questions about the coastal classification system engagement to .


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Coastal classification system engagement

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