Basic Income Assistance Rates

You may be eligible for basic Income Assistance if you have a budget deficit. Having a budget deficit means that the income you have to pay for your basic needs is less than the amount you may receive on income assistance. The amount of assistance you receive depends on your circumstances.

Shelter Allowance

Family Size Rent or Own a Home Boarding
1 $300* $223
2 $570 $242
3+ $620 $282

* Up to $535 under certain circumstances

Personal Allowance

Shelter situation Adult Dependent child
age 18 to 20
Dependent child
to age 18
Rent, own home, board $275 $275 $133 *
In hospital 30 days or more $125 $125 Not applicable
In a residential rehabilitation program $101 $101 Not applicable 

* If you do not get the Nova Scotia Child Benefit or the National Child Benefit Equivalent for a dependent child under the age of 18, you can ask for a Child Benefit Adjustment (CBA). You must file your income tax each year to get your Child Tax Benefits. Ask your caseworker for more information.

Other sources of income

In addition to the Income Assistance Program, there are a number of other sources of income that we can help you to access. These include: