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A Disability Support Program for Nova Scotians

Keeping our community partners up to date on transformation activities.

Implementation Plan

The province has an action plan to help more Nova Scotians with disabilities work and live as independently as possible in their community.

Choice and Inclusion: Shaping the Future of Nova Scotia's Disability Support Program is the province's response to a joint government-community committee that recommended transforming the Disability Support Program program.

The plan focuses on three key areas:

  • increasing community supports so more people with disabilities can live in the community
  • modernizing services and programs to make them more flexible and person-directed
  • reducing reliance on long-term residential facilities

Read the Choice and Inclusion: Implementation Plan

Now I love where I live ...

I was born in Guysborough County. I remember my mom used to twirl my hair around her finger into ringlets. When I was about five my mom died. I was brought up in a foster house in Antigonish. It was on a rural route, we had party lines on our phone and a farm horse.

After that, it wasn’t a good life. For a long time, I lived around people who did not treat me good. People would not let me decide what I wanted to do for myself. I moved around a lot and I was hard to track down. I would sleep outdoors because I was scared. I developed a high tolerance for pain.

Later on I was in hospital and I met a social worker who became my best friend.

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Walking the Path Together

Fiona “Katia” Cross finally has a place to put down roots after a stretch of time in temporary housing. She fusses happily over a Boston fern in her bright apartment in Halifax’s Clayton Park neighborhood.

“I like to encourage this one,” she says in American Sign Language (ASL). “I love plants.”

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Learn more about the Accessibility Legislation

Nova Scotia’s government is moving forward with its promise to help make Nova Scotia a more accessible and inclusive place to live and work.

The Minister’s Advisory Panel on Accessibility Legislation brings together a diverse group of people with experience and expertise that will report to the Minister of Community Services Joanne Bernard in February, 2015 with recommendations about accessibility legislation for Nova Scotians that ensures all Nova Scotians will have equal opportunity to reach their potential.

Learn more about the Accessibility Legislation