Coronavirus (COVID-19): Sector Impact Support Program

The Sector Impact Support Program provides a one-time grant of up to $7,500 to help small business owners that have been impacted by the new province-wide public health restrictions.


Eligible businesses include:

  • restaurants offering in-person dining service
  • bars or licensed drinking establishments (including tasting rooms and craft taprooms)
  • fitness establishments (including gyms and yoga studios) and sport and recreation facilities (excluding municipally owned or operated facilities)
  • businesses and organizations offering indoor recreation and leisure activities (including climbing facilities, dance classes, escape rooms, go-carts, indoor arcades, indoor play spaces, music lessons, pottery painting, shooting ranges and holiday craft markets)
  • live performing arts facilities
  • boat and walking tours
  • private museums

Your business must:

  • be registered in Nova Scotia as a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, society, social enterprise, not-for-profit, charity in business or other similar organization
  • have an active CRA Business Number (BN)
  • have gross revenue of $5,000,000 or less in its most recently filed tax year

Incorporated businesses that operate more than one eligible business establishment under a single corporate entity, may apply for a rebate for each business establishment.

Grant amount

Eligible businesses receive a one-time grant based on gross payroll cost or gross revenue in November 2021.

Gross monthly payroll cost in November 2021 Gross monthly revenue in November 2021 Grant amount
$1,000 - $15,000 $2,500 - $45,000 $2,500
$15,001 - $25,000 $45,001 - $75,000 $5,000
$25,001 or more $75,001 or more $7,500

How to apply

Applications for the Sector Impact Support Program are open. Review the application guide before submitting your application.

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