EMR Videos: bringing practice to life


EMR Videos: bringing practice to life

View the videos below to learn about the opportunities that patients and health care providers see when using an electronic medical record.


EMR Collaborative Practice with a Family Practice Nurse
This video shows how complete, on-line patient records provide a family practice nurse with the information needed to support the patients at the clinic, to lighten the workload of the doctors, and to build an on-line history that allows the doctor to be completely up-to-date before a 'drop in' during a consultation.

EMR Collaborative Practice Nurse Practitioner
With increasing patient loads and concerns about improving value for time spent, watch how EMR facilitates the care offered by nurse practitioners, where taking the time to learn about the patient's 'big picture' will contribute to overall success.

EMR Electronic Billing
See how an electronic medical record system can improve and simplify the billing process.

EMR Electronic Clinic
This video will show how, with a couple of clicks, health care providers can find test results, review a patient's medical history, see diagnostic imaging and blood work results, create tables and charts to track care progress (e.g., cholesterol levels compared year to year), track medication and build a proactive health care strategy that patients can readily understand.

EMR Multi Provider Practice
With multiple health care providers at a clinic, patients may sometimes see a different doctor. Learn how patient data is readily shared, handwriting issues disappear, interoffice communications become smoother, hospital visits are readily documented and files can remain accessible  even if a doctor or staff member leaves the practice.

EMR Patient Flow and the Encounter
When a patient arrives at reception, electronic records  means that the physician knows immediately, with a message explaining the patient's needs, colour coding to show priority, complete charts ready for review with the patient, notices indicating consulting room to be used and a history of visits and recommended appointments tracked directly in the system.

EMR Security
Watch personal testaments to the confidence care providers have in their EMR and the safeguards that are automatically included. They are assured they made the right decision, knowing that all information is protected behind two levels of passwords at a secure, remote location in Halifax, where it is backed up and servers are maintained by experts, meaning that EMR clinics can get on with what they want to be doing - caring for their patients.

EMR Styles of Documenting Encounters
An EMR is designed with flexibility in mind. Physicians can use voice recognition software to 'dictate' comments and updates, convert charts to documents, or incorporate letters and documents into the patient's electronic chart. It all comes together with EMR.

EMR Templates
Watch how creating 'favourites' saves time while improving accuracy. Learn how an EMR assists with collecting and sorting data through templates that populate certain sections or boxes and custom templates that can assist a practice in tracking and treating their specialties with the click of a mouse.

EMR The Startup Process
See how clinics made the move from paper to EMR and how patients appreciated the extra effort. Hear how everyone becomes familiar with the process, but more importantly, patient files are mostly transferred to the new system, with insights into the experience and support that's available in the Peer Network.