Nova Scotia Telehealth Network


Nova Scotia Telehealth Network

Nova Scotia is a well-established Canadian leader in using Telehealth as a tool to assist in delivering health care services to its population. After undertaking a successful pilot project in 1996, the Nova Scotia Department of Health worked with a variety of partners to create Canada 's first province-wide Telehealth network.

The Nova Scotia Telehealth Network (NSTHN) is a video conferencing communications network that connects healthcare focused facilities across Nova Scotia . The NSTHN uses videoconferencing technologies to improve access to health services for patients, families and healthcare professionals.

Patients from across Nova Scotia can meet face-to-face with health care professionals located anywhere on the network, without leaving their home communities. This saves patients the time, stress and expense associated with travel. Barriers to health care access including travel costs or inclement weather are removed.

The NSTHN works in collaboration with a number of partners including the District Health Authorities and the IWK Health Centre to provide a range of health related services. The NSTHN provides partner organizations with secure, real-time videoconferencing for clinical, educational and administrative purposes. For health care professionals, less time spent traveling between locations means more time available for direct patient care.