Telehealth Equipment

There are generally two categories of videoconferencing equipment used in the NSTHN- clinical telehealth equipment and educational/administrative equipment. The clinical telehealth equipment is typically called the "Telehealth Cart". The educational/administrative equipment is typically called the "Room Based System".

Smaller locations including community hospitals typically have one (1) device- the Telehealth Cart. Larger locations including district hospitals typically have two (2) or more devices including one (1) or more Telehealth Carts and one (1) or more Room Based Systems.

Telehealth carts are typically equipped with handheld patient exam cameras and document cameras to assist in delivery of clinical care. Special electrical and physical design is incorporated into the telehealth carts to allow for use in patient care areas. This also allows the carts to interface with various types of audiovisual and clinical equipment.

The NSTHN central program support group provides initial and ongoing technical training on all equipment.

The systems used in the NSTHN connect to each other over the secure NShealth network.