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Suicide Prevention - Communities Addressing Suicide Together

Communities Addressing Suicide Together (CAST) was founded in September 2006 with the support of the NS Department of Health and Wellness and the Nova Scotia Division of the Canadian Mental Health Association. CAST provides evidence-based suicide prevention training, education and resources to Nova Scotia communities.

CAST’s Coalition Support model works with communities across Nova Scotia to build and strengthen their capacity to address suicide at the local level.   A population health approach to addressing suicide is universally endorsed by experts in the field of suicide prevention. When community members come together with their unique skills and abilities the results of the group can be far greater than each person’s effort alone.

We address suicide prevention from a community perspective.  We know that everyone has the potential to make a difference and can contribute to a community that is safer from suicide. For more information about CAST visit online at or call CMHA NS toll free 1-877-466-6606.