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A two part research pilot study will be taking place utilizing the Nova Scotia Chief Medical Examiners' records to examine reported suicides in Nova Scotia. These records are a written representation of a sudden death investigation including documentation of suicides.

One section of the research is quantitative and will examine the incidence of suicide and associated factors, such as mental illness, substance abuse, social factors, and prior health service use. The qualitative part of the pilot study will explore the types of questions asked when completing an investigative profile of a suicide, as well as the source and type of information contained within the Nova Scotia Medical Examiner's records. This is an exploratory study, and will assist us in understanding the types and sources of information that are contained within these records. The objective of the pilot project is to gain a deeper understanding of the types of information that are being collected and recorded in the Chief Medical Examiners' records, and potential variations in information according to the nature of the suicide.