Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services

Most people have been touched by mental health and addictions — whether they have had an illness or addiction themselves, or have been affected by the illness or addiction of someone else—a family member, friend, co-worker, or others in their lives.

The province is committed to improving mental health care for Nova Scotians. Health and Wellness is working with partners across health care, communities and government to improve mental health services. This work is done through the department’s Mental Health, Children’s, Services, and Addiction Treatment branch.

Help with mental health and wellbeing

If you or someone you know needs support for mental health and wellbeing, there are resources, helplines, support groups and counsellors available.

Programs and Services:

Community Supports

Hear personal stories of Nova Scotians who are using and supporting programs and services in their communities.

Help for Children and Youth

A quick list of resources, programs and services.


Autism Spectrum Disorder is a complex neurological disorder of development affecting all facets of a person’s life. The province is committed to providing expert care and programs to help children and their families living with ASD, through the Autism Spectrum Disorder Action Plan and the early Intensive Behavioural Intervention (EIBI) program.

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Adult Mental Health Services

Mental health is a vital part of an adult’s overall wellbeing. Mental health problems and disorders are widespread through all sectors of society. One in five Nova Scotians will experience some form of mental disorder this year.

Providing appropriate, accessible services to adults with serious and persistent mental illness is important. The province is committed to a comprehensive, integrated, evidence-based system of mental health services, through health promotion, prevention, treatment, recovery, and support for individuals and families.

Learn more about mental health services that are available to you.

Seniors Mental Health

Studies show that seniors are at greater risk of some mental disorders and their complications than younger people. Some of these illnesses include dementia, anxiety, mood disorders and psychosis. Many of these illnesses can be accurately diagnosed and treated. The province offers a provincial mental health network to support and advance seniors’ mental health, by promoting knowledge exchange and mutual learning among members.

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Mental Health and Addictions Strategy

Together We Can is Nova Scotia’s first-ever mental health and addictions strategy. The five-year plan outlines 33 actions to improve services for Nova Scotians living with mental illness and addictions and their families. You can see progress on the plan through this year one report on actions,  which also outlines work for years ahead.

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Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Act

The Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Act helps Nova Scotians receive appropriate treatment, when they are unable to make treatment decisions because of severe mental illness, or when they are at risk of harm or of harming others.

Learn more about Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Act