Adult Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services

Adult Mental Health Services

Mental health is a vital part of an adult's overall wellbeing.  Mental health problems and disorders are widespread throughout all sectors of society.  One in five Nova Scotians, or about 188,000 people, will experience some form of mental disorder this year.

Providing appropriate, accessible services to adults with serious and persistent mental illness is important.  The province of Nova Scotia is committed to a comprehensive, integrated, evidence-based system of mental health services focusing on health promotion, prevention, treatment, recovery, and support for individuals and families.


Mental health services for adults range from emergency/crisis intervention to recovery and rehabilitation services.  The types of services are emergency mental health services and crisis response; acute inpatient care; case management; psychosocial rehabilitation; clubhouse programs; employability and some housing supports; outpatient outreach services; and specialty services.

Crisis response and emergency mental health services provide immediate response to psychiatric emergencies.  The services may include crisis lines, mobile crisis outreach and emergency room psychiatric consultation.

Acute inpatient hospitalization provides assessment and treatment to stabilize acute symptoms, and then linkage with community-based supports for ongoing care.

Outpatient mental health services are provided by a multidisciplinary assessment or treatment team.

Individual treatment and support and group programs are available across the province. The types of groups offered in communities include anger management, anxiety management, stress management, depression management and recovery (i.e. walking group; Community Social Group).  Check with the Nova Scotia Health Authority for information on groups available.

One of the major directions of the mental health system is to base more and more services and supports in community settings and improve access for clients.

Case management provides one on one support and coordination of care.

Psychosocial rehabilitation provides ongoing goal setting and skill development for people with severe and persistent mental illness.  Employment and education, and housing supports are areas to be looked at.

Specialty services are provided in centralized areas of the province by multidisciplinary team members with clinical expertise in specialty areas. (i.e. eating disorders) There are three networks in Nova Scotia: Early Psychosis; Eating Disorders; Seniors Mental Health.


Other Resources

Clubhouse telephone numbers:

  • Friendship Club, Truro: 902-895-4211
  • New Hope, New Glasgow: 902-755-1137
  • Crossroads Clubhouse, Sydney: 902-567-7961
  • New Beginnings, Dartmouth: 902-464-3588
  • Connections Clubhouse, Halifax: 902-473-8692
  • Evangeline Club: 902-538-9349

Community-based programs and organizations offer adult mental health services:

Employment skill development and support:


Professional Affiliation and Education:

Mental Health Foundations: