Nova Scotia Provincial Blood Coordinating Program


The Department of Health and Wellness continuously strives to make sure that Nova Scotians receive safe, quality health care and health-care services. There are many programs and projects that specifically address safeguarding our health care system. The Provincial Blood Coordinating Program is one of them.

The Provincial Blood Coordinating Program was created in January 2003 and provides the leadership to collaborate with health care providers across the province and Canadian Blood Services to maximize the safe and appropriate management of blood and related products received by Nova Scotians.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do we measure up to other provinces? Nationally?
Nova Scotia is one of only three provinces to have a Provincial Blood Coordinating Program, but other provinces are now considering this approach.

Now that standards have been developed, what happens next?
There are some that will be federally regulated and some that will be provincially, the federal process has been initiated

How do standards make our blood supply safer?
The CSA Z902-10 Blood and Blood Components standard provides specific requirements that must be met by anyone providing blood and blood components, therefore ensuring the quality and safety of the Canadian blood supply.

In Nova Scotia the requirements of the standard are met through continual
improvements of all processes by reviewing what we do, how we do it and asking "can we do it better?", in order to enhance the safety of the blood supply for Nova Scotians and
all Canadians.


Contact Information

Nova Scotia Provincial Blood Coordinating Program
1673 Bedford Row
Room 2123
Halifax, NS B3J 1T1

Phone: (902) 487-0514
Fax: (902) 422-0893

Program Manager 487-0516
Admin Assistant 487-0514
Data Analyst 487-0512
Database Coordinator 487-0510
Data Entry Specialist 487-0509
Laboratory Standards Coordinator 487-0504
Sr. Systems Analyst 487-0513
Sr. Systems Analyst 487-0511
TOSS Coordinator 487-0505
Transfusion Practice Coordinator/Surveillance 487-0507
Transfusion Practice Coordinator/Utilization 487-0508
Utilization Management Coordinator 487-0506


Program Advisory Council

The NSPBCP is accountable to the Acute and Tertiary Care Branch  at  Department  of  Health  and  Wellness  and  receives  advice  from  an Advisory Council.

This Council serves as the technical, medical and scientific advisory body to the Nova Scotia Provincial Blood Coordinating Program in guiding the development of blood program related activities and policies in Nova Scotia.  The Council also provides a forum from communication and coordination between blood system stakeholders, Canadian Blood Services, and the Nova Scotia Provincial Blood Coordinating program to enhance the quality of care surrounding blood and blood products.

The membership of the Advisory Council is as follows:


Dr. Irene Sadek, Medical Director, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Capital District Health Authority


Dr. Blaine Kent, Chief, Division of Cardiac Anesthesia, NSHA
Dr. Brian Jollymore, Pathologist, NSHA
Dr. Calvino Cheng, Hematopathologist, NSHA
Dr. Chantale Pambrun, Division Head Hematopathology, IWK Health Centre
Dorothy Harris, Hospital Liaison Specialist, Atlantic, Canadian Blood Services
Dr. Eiad Kahwash, Medical Director, Canadian Blood Services
Florence MacLennan, Nurse Educator, NSHA
Dr. Frank Atherton, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health, Department of Health and Wellness
Glenda Pollard, Chief Technologist, PEI Transfusion Service
Heather Mingo
, Manager, Perioperative Blood Management Program
Dr. Heather Robertson
, Family Physican
Joan MacLeod, Technical Manager Blood Transfusion Services, NSHA
Ken Baird, Senior Director, Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory Medicine, NSHA
Katherine Fraser, Director, Acute and Tertiary Care, Department of Health and Wellness
Marina Hamilton, Program Manager, NSPBCP
Michelle Rogerson, Director Supply Chair Operations Atlantic, Canadian Blood Services
Nancy Grandy, Staff Nurse, NSHA
Richard Crouse, Laboratory Manager, NSHA
Natasha McLaughlin, Supervisor Medical Service Atlantic, Canadian Blood Services
Dr. Stephen Beed, Director, Critical Care, NSHA
Tom Pinsent, Patient Representative
Dr. Vicky Price, Pediatric Hematologist, IWK Health Centre

Download the Program Advisory Council Terms of Reference (PDF).