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Municipal Affairs
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Hon. Chuck Porter

Minister's Office

Minister's Secretary

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Kelliann Dean
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Interactive Map

Use this interactive map to find out the history of local government and the municipal data in Nova Scotia.


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About Municipal Affairs

The Department of Municipal Affairs is dedicated to working with municipalities to build healthy, vibrant, and safe communities throughout Nova Scotia. Municipal Affairs provides programs, grants, and funding opportunities for municipalities and community groups. The department also provides services and guidance to municipalities in many areas including budget planning and finance, land use planning and infrastructure development, and policy and program development.

The department is comprised of Municipal Services, the Office of the Fire Marshall, and the Emergency Management Office.

Business Plan

2018-19 Business Plan

Accountability Reports

Accountability Report

French‐language Services Plan

French-language Services Plan 2017-2018

Municipal Government


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Publications and Resources


Look here to find legislation, reports, manuals, and guides on municipal matters.

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