EMO Zones

Regional Zones
The Emergency Management Office (EMO) works with municipal authorities to provide assistance in planning for emergencies, coordinate provincial resources when an emergency occurs, and assist with analysis and evaluation after an emergency.

EMO’s Emergency Management Planning Officers (EMPO) work out of regional offices in Lunenburg, New Minas, Truro and Sydney, and provide support to municipal officials and emergency management coordinators in each region.

During emergencies, Emergency Management Planning Officers are dispatched to provide support to municipal efforts. This is accomplished by providing on-going assessment of the situation and relaying information or resource requests to the Joint Emergency Operations Centre.

Planning for Emergencies
EMPOs work with municipal emergency coordinators on the development of emergency plans and the execution of emergency exercises to test those plans. Proper planning will ensure that municipalities and the province are prepared to respond to emergency events.

Coordinating Provincial Resources
In an emergency event local police, firefighters or paramedics may be the first to arrive. In the event that the emergency escalates additional resources may be required.

If the required resources go beyond those readily available to the municipality, the provincial Emergency Management Office may activate its operations to begin coordinating the provincial response.

Analysis and Evaluation
The Emergency Management Office assists with the analysis and evaluation of emergency response and coordination efforts both at the provincial and municipal levels. Proper analysis and evaluation is critical to ensuring effective emergency management.